Analisis Program Desa Tentang Sampah Merdeka (Studi Kesadaran Masyarakat Desa Pulau Beringin Menjaga Kebersihan)

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Wira Wansyah Muzaiyana Muzaiyana


Awareness is part of solidarity in a social system that can create and preserve environmental cleanliness over a long period of time. The environmental hygiene that has been applied long ago by the residents of Pulau Beringin Village is very closely related to the village program on "Free Waste". Research "Analysis of Village Programs About Independent Garbage, Study on Community Awareness in Pulau Beringin Village to Maintain Cleanliness". With 3 sub problems as follows 1.) How is the analysis of the "Free Garbage" program in Pulau Beringin Village?. 2.) What is the analysis of the "Free Garbage" program in Pulau Beringin Village? 3.) What are the inhibiting factors for the village program on "Free Garbage" to the awareness of the people of Pulau Beringin Village in maintaining cleanliness?
The results of the study, in creating a clean environment are: 1). Content of knowledge as an effort to strengthen public awareness 2). Education is the basis for knowing the importance of keeping the environment clean. 3). A clean living culture based on the principle of shame. 4). The village program regulation on "Free Garbage" supports the awareness efforts of the Beringin Island village community in the field of cleanliness.

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