KEARIFAN POLITIK LOKAL JAMBI Menelisik Nilai-Nilai Politik Islam dalam Manuskrip Melayu Jambi

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Saidina Usman


The study of Islāmic politics and relationship to local wisdom in the archipelago cannot be separated from the study of Malay manuscripts of Islām. A serious and careful study of local texts can reveal the nature and character of society as a whole, as well as reconstruct the history of Islam in the archipelago. The study of Islam in the local context of course also aims to see and feel the linkage and attachment to the study of Islam globally.In the face of various challenges in the present era, it is necessary to study and re-dig the values ​​contained in the local treasures full of noble values. So expected of this endeavor, will be born in the wisdom of attitude in daily to the spirit of politics. One source of local wisdom that holds wealth in the form of noble values ​​in question, there is in the manuscript, or old manuscript of Malay that contains many things, ranging from law, custom, politics, and so forth. More specifically, this study focuses on the manuscripts of the Kings of Jambi (SRJ).In this SRJ script can be found some political values ​​that correspond to the concept of Islamic politics, which comes from al-Quran and Hadith. Among these values, are about the importance of a leader for a society, obedience to leaders, consensus agreement in decision will be making, the way to leaders and in community life. These are the noble values ​​that should be studied and practiced in the life of the nation and the state, so that the democratization process of this nation is not uprooted from the root and local wisdom that already exist and become one of the important wealth ever owned by this nation.

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