Author Guidelines

Instructions For Authors:

  1. Paper; Contains writings that are taken from the results of research and scientific analysis studies in the fields of science, Da'wah, Communication of Islam, Public Relations, and Islamic Broadcasting. Posts that have never been published in other media.


  1. Manuscripts sent in Indonesian must be accompanied by an English-language abstract. While the manuscript sent in English must be accompanied by an Indonesian language abstract. Each sender of the script must include an email address. Abstracts are written in one paragraph with a number of characters 100-200 words. The abstract is written to have a full explanation describing the contents of the writing, background, purpose, scope, methods, results of the study, and main conclusions. Abstracts are made without using tables, illustrations, references, and abbreviations. While the keywords used must be conceptual, not a general word.


  1. Systematic division of chapters, does not contain writing with the form of chapter division similar to thesis writing, technical reports by including the theoretical framework, problem formulation, research objectives, literature review, and the like.


  1. While writing citations uses the system footnote (chicago styles) on each page, or endnotes at the end of each chapter. The letter used is Time New Roman; Fonts 12. The mention of the name of the author, name of the book, publisher, city and printed year or page, is carried out as, Abudin, Nata, Methodology of Islamic Studies, (Jakarta: PT RajaGrafindo, 2003) h. 76.


  1. References are written like, Nata, Abudin, Methodology of Islamic Studies, Jakarta: PT RajaGrafindo, 2003.