Uji Fisika dan Kimia Air Sumur Warga Di Sekitar Tempat Pembuangan Akhir Musi 2 Palembang

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Tessha Ratna Dumilah Yeni Ramadhani


Well water is a source of water that is used by the community around the landfill for everyday life. The well water is not far from the landfill site. Based on observations the environment around the TPA is very dirty and there are puddles of water, so it is not good for residents who are around TPA to use well water for their daily lives. Some simple methods can be done to determine the condition of well water, one of which is by simple physical and chemical testing. Simple physics tests are carried out by looking at changes in color, turbidity, and odor while chemical tests are carried out by mixing sample solutions with tea. In the physical and chemical test of the well water of the residents around the TPA 2 in Palembang, it can be concluded that the well water around the TPA has a cloudy color, a strong odor and a pH of 7. 
Keywords : Simple Method,TPA, Well Water 

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