Identifikasi Lemak Tikus Pada Bakso Daging Sapi di Km 9 Palembang dengan Instrumen Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)

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muhammad hernanda Risma Dewi Saputri Luffiya Yulia Sari Rini Marlina Riandy Putra


               The issue of halal food products in Indonesia has special attention for the presence of non-halal meat contamination. One of which was rat meat on halal products of meatballs in KM 9 Palembang. This experiment is expected to be one of the bases for achieving halal product guarantee for beef meatball products, so as not to contaminate non-halal rat meat. The use of FTIR spectropotometry is used to identify the presence of rat fatty in beef meatballs qualitatively. samples were extracted with chloroform using separating funnels at room temperature. The analysis showed that there was no rat fatty contamination in beef meatballs as evidenced by FTIR spectra and qualitative tests that had been carried out.
Key Words: Meatball; Fourier Transform Infrared; Rat Fatty; Halal Product

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