Analisis Kandungan Gelatin Babi pada Masker Keluaran Korea yang Beredar Dipasaran Online Indonesia

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Wan Zalya Fauziah Popi Rantina Resi Andela Anggra Pransiska Fahrul Anggara


Gelatin is a type of protein obtained from natural collagen found in the skin and bones of pigs and cows. Gelatin is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the field of famation used as an ingredient in cosmetics, one of which is face masks. Face masks are beauty products that are mostly used by teenagers to adults to cleanse and tighten the skin. Some face masks contain gelatin and some contain alcohol. Indonesian society from adolescents to adults uses a lot of Korean-produced masks, which are predominantly non-Islamic, which doubtful about the halal thing that makes researchers interested in knowing the halal nature of this product. This study aims to determine the gelatin content of Korean mask production. The method used in this research is to use FTIR spectrophotometer. The results showed that the sample of face masks for Korean products did not contain gelatin, especially pork gelatin.

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