Conciencia <p><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="/public/site/images/conciencia/1.jpg" width="768" height="286"></p> Pascasarjana Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah en-US Conciencia 1412-2545 TAREKAT SEBAGAI SISTEM PENDIDIKAN TASAWUF (Studi Akhlakistik Sistem Pendidikan Tarekat Qodiriyah wa Naqsabandiyah di Kabupaten Ogan Komering Ilir) <p>The research of this dissertation was entitled Tarekat As a System of Sufism Education (The Moral Study of the Education System of the Qodiriyah Wa Naqsabandiyah Congregation in Ogan Komering Ilir District). This is motivated by the growth and development of a desire for spiritualism or Sufism in society in the form of tarekat teachings. The teachings of Sufism which were once exclusive and individual can only be learned by special people. In its development the tarekat underwent a shift so that it was inclusive and communal / group that could be learned by all Muslims. The growth of Sufism Majlis became the embryo of the formation of non-formal institutions of Sufism namely tarekat. Qadiriyah wa Naqsabandiyah (TQN) is one of the Sufism educational institutions which consists of educational components that work systemically. So the formulation of the problem is how morality in the spiritual education system of the Qadiriyah wa Naqsabandiyah Order includes aspects; Educational Objectives, Educators, Students, Educational Processes, Curriculum and evaluation.<br>This research is a type of field research (Field Research), while the research approach that I use is the Phenomenological approach. This research includes descriptive qualitative research. In collecting data, the authors used primary and secondary data sources, namely murshid tarekat, students, provincial and district JATMAN administrators, and tarekat guidebooks. Data collection techniques are interview techniques, observation, and documentation. After the data is obtained, then it is analyzed using the descriptive-qualitative method with the technical data collection, data selection process (data reduction), data assessment, and conclusion drawing.<br>This study found that in the Qadiriah Wa Naqsyabandiyah Ogan Komering Ilir Congregation, there are educational components that work systemically, including: Educational Objectives that have a moral characteristically Effective Ritualist, become an Al'Abid al Kamil, a moral educator (Teacher Centered ) being the main controller in education, students who have the morality of Resignation Religion, namely surrender fully / have a strong belief in spiritual guidance given by murshid (Rabithah and Wasilah). The Education Process that has an Akhlakistik Religious Internalisation, namely internalizing religious values ​​through Dhikrullah (Dzikir Darajah and Khasanah), and with the method of Mujahadah, Muraqabah, and Musyahadah. The curriculum which has the morality of the subject of Eksperiance Oriented is oriented towards the spiritual experiences of students through the Amaliah and the teachings of the TQN ((Aurad Dhikr, Tawajjuhan, Khataman, Shalawat, Istighasah and Manaqiban). Evaluation that has an akhlaqic Collegial Personal in the sense of institutional evaluation and individual (personal) evaluation in terms of the spiritual / inner condition of the student through isyarah murshid.<br>With the findings above, the most important contribution in this research is Practically, this dissertation shows that the existence of the TQN tarekat institution in Kab. Ogan Komering Ilir is one of the Islamic Religious education institutions that focuses on the spiritual formation of the community so that it is able to create positive community morals in the face of the swift currents of globalization / modern civilization values ​​in the present.</p> Agus sholikhin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-30 2018-12-30 19 2 1 13 KEPEMIMPINAN PEJABAT STRUKTURAL DAN IKLIM ORGANISASI DALAM PRODUKTIVITAS KERJA PEGAWAI PADA DINAS PENDIDIKAN KABUPATEN SUBANG <p><em>The purpose of this study is to empirically examine the contribution of leadership of structural official and organizational climate to employee productivity at Educational Department of Subang District. The method used in this research is descriptive research with quantitative approach. Population of this research amount 116 employee, and determination of respondents using proportional random sampling which amount 54 employee. Data were collected using a questionnaire instruments that was developed in the form of Likert scale. Data processing techniques using path analysis. The results showed that leadership of structural official contribute to&nbsp; employee productivity amount 38,99%, organizational climate contribute to employee productivity amount 21,11%, and simultaneously leadership of structural official and organizational climate significantly contribute to employee productivity amount 60,11%. These results implies that organizational leader should have a good leadership behavior that develop conducive and pleasurable organizational climate. So that employee bring about high job productivity.</em></p> Badrud Tamam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-30 2018-12-30 19 2 14 27 POLITIK PENGUATAN INSTITUSI PENDIDIKAN TINGGI ISLAM INDONESIA (Telaah Historis Transformasi FA-UII Ke PTAIN Era Menteri Agama K.H. A. Wahid Hasyim) <p>This study aims to develop scientific treasures on the focus of educational political studies that are not yet familiar in Indonesia, especially regarding the politics of strengthening Islamic education institutions Era of the Minister of Religion K.H.A. Wahid Hasyim Indonesia that has never been studied by anyone, so this study becomes important to study. This study uses "Interest Groups Theory" which has been incorporated in&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Politics of Education Association (PEA) as an analysis knife&nbsp; so&nbsp; that it is relevant to the context of the discussion. The method in this study uses the qualitative method "Library Research" with an educational political approach with historical style. Whereas in collecting&nbsp; data&nbsp; obtained&nbsp; do&nbsp; documentation &nbsp;study and interview, and data analysis technique used by qualitative circular analysis technique by describing, classifying and combining. In this study there were two important findings. First, the emergence&nbsp; of a&nbsp; program of&nbsp; strengthening &nbsp;Islamic higher&nbsp; education&nbsp; institutions&nbsp; in&nbsp; Indonesia&nbsp; on &nbsp;the basis of the construction of internal and external factors was the existence of the "Balance Motive" praxis by using a rational and spiritual approach which was emphasized in the concept and practice, namely the balance between science and piety, between logic and&nbsp; morality,&nbsp; between religious and public education, both must complement each other which is confirmed through the political program of his&nbsp;&nbsp; institutional&nbsp;&nbsp; notion&nbsp;&nbsp; which is establish &nbsp;a "complete Islamic University and makes&nbsp; PTAIN&nbsp; a&nbsp;&nbsp; modern &nbsp;embryo of &nbsp;civilization under the control of the Ministry Religion. The second finding, in practice, is the interaction pattern used by the era of the Minister of Religion of K.H. A. Wahid Hasyim in the process of strengthening Islamic higher education institutions in Indonesiaisan interaction pattern of "Accommodative Compromistic&nbsp; Associative",&nbsp; namely the&nbsp; pattern of interaction that has an indication of "balanced" synthesis with secular groups, even training with the regime, in ways that are more adaptive and prioritize stability and interests all groups by reflecting competitive, compromise, cooperative and tassammuh and tawassuth processes to reduce conflict between groups with the aim of obtaining alternative solutions.</p> Darul Abror ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-30 2018-12-30 19 2 28 42 “DINAMIKA PENDIDIKAN MUHAMMADIYAH; Eksistensi dan Modernisasi Sekolah Muhammadiyah di Bengkulu Selatan" <p>Pendidikan Muhammadiyah (sekolah Muhammadiyah) saat ini memasuki era kompetisi. Pendidikan Muhammadiyah harus melakukan modernisasi dalam manajemen pendidikan. Modernisasi dalam pengembangan manajemen sekolah Muhammadiyah dapat dilakukan pada aspek manajemen kurikulum, manajemen tenaga pendidik dan kependidikan, manajemen kesiswaan serta manajemen sarana dan prasarana. Namun di sisi lain, sekolah Muhammadiyah tidak cukup hanya melakukan pengembangan pada bidang manajemen sekolah saja. Sekolah Muhammadiyah harus tetap menjaga eksistensi nilai-nilai luhur ajaran Ahmad Dahlan sebagai roh dari sekolah Muhammadiyah. Jangan sampai sekolah Muhammadiyah hanya memiliki “Papan Merek” Muhammadiyah saja namun justru nilai-nilai Kemuhammadiyahan dari sekolah tersebut nihil. Adapun rumusan masalah dalam penelitian ini ialah bagaimana eksistensi penanaman ajaran Ahmad Dahlan dan modernisasi manajemen pendidikan pada sekolah Muhammadiyah di Bengkulu Selatan. Adapun tujuan dari penelitian ini ialah untuk mengetahui eksistensi penanaman ajaran Ahmad Dahlan dan modernisasi manajemen pendidikan pada sekolah Muhammadiyah di Bengkulu Selatan serta dinamika perkembangannya dari masa awal hingga saat ini. Jenis penelitian ini ialah penelitian kualitatif . Adapun hasil penelitian ialah; Pertama, ajaran Ahmad Dahlan di sekolah Muhammadiyah Bengkulu Selatan masih eksis baik di tingkat Sekolah Dasar maupun Sekolah Menengah Atas. Eksistensi dari ajaran Ahmad Dahlan tersebut terlihat dari mata pelajaran al Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan yang diajarkan di sekolah. Begitu juga dengan eksistensi ajaran Ahmad Dahlan dalam hal ibadah dan pembentukan akhlak siswa. Kedua, Muhammadiyah sebagai lembaga pendidikan pembaharuan senantiasa melakukan modernisasi dalam manajemen pendidikan, baik manajemen kurikulum, kesiswaan, tenaga pendidik, dan sarana dan prasarana. Ketiga, sekolah Muhammadiyah Bengkulu Selatan senantiasa mengalami dinamika dalam perkembangannya. Sekolah Muhammadiyah pertama kali berdiri di Bengkulu Selatan pada tahun 1930. Lembaga pendidikan Muhammadiyah mengalami fase perkembangan dari masa ke masa, ada sekolah yang berubah status dari madrasah ibtidaiyah menjadi sekolah dasar. Ada juga sekolah Muhammadiyah yang tidak mampu bersaing sehingga harus tutup namun ada juga sekolah Muhammadiyah yang tetap bertahan dan berkembang hingga saat ini. Keempat, dinamika perkembangan sekolah Muhammadiyah di Bengkulu Selatan dipengaruhi oleh faktor internal dan eksternal.</p> Pasmah chandra ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-30 2018-12-30 19 2 56 69 FAKTOR DETERMINAN AKHLAK REMAJA (Studi Tentang Pengaruh Pola Asuh Orang Tua, Teman Sebaya, Media Massa, Dan Religiusitas Terhadap Akhlak Siswa Di Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) Negeri 5 Prabumulih) <p>The background of the research concerns with the existence of some phenomenon about teenagers morality decreasing that happen nowadays. It can be shown from the light violation like cheating, ditching, ignoring the prayer, or using clothes that do not cover their bodies, to the heavy violation like drinking alcohol, taking drugs, promiscuity, abortion, or involved in crimes such as brawl, motorcycle gang, robbery or rape. The scope of this study is morals and the factors that influence it. The factors are limited to religiosity factors as internal factors as well as parenting factors, peers, and mass media as external factors. This research data were taken through questionnaire, psychology scale and observation. The data were obtained and analyzed by using the statistical package for social science program (spss) for windows version 20.0. The Techniques that were used to analyze in this study include: descriptive analysis and inferential analysis.</p> suharman man ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-30 2018-12-30 19 2 70 98