Conciencia <p style="text-align: justify;">Conciencia is published by the post-graduate program of Raden Fath State Islamic University in Palembang. Conciencia is expected as valuable source of information and views about issues on Islamic Education. All articles published in Conciencia are based on publication ethics where Each article published in Conciencia has been through several steps of publication processes such as reviewing, revising, and editing.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="" rel="noopener"><strong>CALL FOR PAPERS:</strong></a></p> <p><strong>Conciencia: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Vol. 20 No. 2 Desember 2020</strong></p> <p><strong>Deadline Submit: 30&nbsp; September 2020</strong></p> Pascasarjana Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang en-US Conciencia 1412-2545 BASIS PLURALIS-MULTIKULTURAL DI PESANTREN <p style="text-align: justify;">This article aims to reveal the role of Nahdlatul Ulama culture boarding schools in instilling plurality and multicultural values in their education system. The focus of his research was conducted on two pesantren. Pesantren Salafiyah Syafiiyah and Pesantren Sirojut Tholibin Gorontalo. The research method used is qualitative with a phenomenological approach. The data collection is done by interviewing the leaders of the pesantren and related parties. The information obtained is then reviewed and adjusted to data from observations and documentation. In this study the authors use educational theories about <em>in, at </em>and<em> beyond the wall. </em>Through the concept of education <em>in the wall</em>, the pesantren emphasizes lessons only on the religion it adheres to <em>tafaqquh fi al-din</em> without conducting dialogue on other religions. Meanwhile, through the concept <em>at the wall</em>, the pesantren does not only try to understand the religion it adopts, but also other religions. Meanwhile, the concept of <em>beyond the wall</em> pesantren requires not only understanding, but also living together in communities of different religions. Based on the results of the study concluded thatthe Pesantren Salafiyah-Syafiiyah and the Pesantren Sirojut Tholibin have been shown to have a significant role in establishing multicultural-pluralist values in accordance with the basic principles of the Nahdlatul Ulama-an. Basic principles such as <em>Ukhuwah Wathaniyah</em> (Brotherhood on the basis of equality of nationality / nationalism), <em>Ukhuwah Insaniyyah </em>(Brotherhood &nbsp;on the basis of humanity), to the attitudes of <em>al-Ikhlas</em> (sincerity), <em>al-Adalah</em> (justice), <em>al-Tawassut </em>(moderation), <em>al-Tawazzun</em> (balance), <em>al-Tasamuh</em> (tolerance) manifested in pesantrenan activities.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Ahmad Zaenuri Irja Putra Pratama ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-12-30 2019-12-30 19 2 70 84 10.19109/conciencia.v19i2.4284 PENGAJARAN GURU PENDIDIKAN DASAR DI ERA MILLENIAL DALAM MEMBENTUK MORAL SISWA <p style="text-align: justify;">Elementary education is the first step to build student moral in introducing and basic teaching are needed a figure of teacher that ca be able to build whole student identity in this era state situation is getting more sophistiaced, aduance and do changes by creating something new that have a strong function in IPTEK development. At the bracelet III public elementary school institutions new sources there are still many students who are less active and focused in following the learning given by the teacher as well as the lack of learning innovation, hereby researcher interested to conduct research at education institution that have run at 1,2,3 August 2019 by open and close interview to teachers class I to VI it will be tested and result will be analysed in descriptively and qualitatively to answer the main case and qualitative data to know the score or percentage of the education proses that done by teacher class I to VI at SDN Gelang III Sumberbaru have they applied the best five indicator learing they are in personal approachement, meaning full learning, giving the feed back, sregthen the learning and also learning evaluation and taking the data by documenting of learning and also learning evaluation of elementary school teacher in era in building the student moral on 29-30 August at SDN Gelang III Sumberbaru Jember school year 2019-2020.the best five indicator learning is personal approachment meaningful learning.</p> Ari Susandi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-12-30 2019-12-30 19 2 85 98 10.19109/conciencia.v19i2.4405 ANALISIS LEARNING AND INOVATION SKILLS MAHASISWA PAI MELALUI PENDEKATAN SAINTIFIK DALAM IMPLEMENTASI KETERAMPILAN ABAD 21 <p style="text-align: justify;">The research aims to describe the skill of Islamic education student in developing learning and innovation skills of student through a scientific approach. This study used a qualitative method based on descriptive analytic. The subjects of this research were 20 Islamic education students of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University and North Sumatera State Islamic University who were carrying out practice of teaching in school. The subjects were chosen based on the the purpose of this study, thus the subjects were only students who used a scientific approach. Data collection is done by using interviews, observation, and study documentation. The study was conducted in July to October 2019. The results of this study showed that the ability of Islamic education students to observing aspects 80.63%, questioning aspects 75%, information gathering aspects (experimenting) 65%, reasoning/ associating aspects 78%, and communicating (comunicating) aspects 51.67% . Furthermore, in the average, the overall learning activity was carried out by islamic education teacher prospective students in developing learning and innovation skills with a scientific approach of 70.06% was achieved in a good category.</p> Bobi Erno Rusadi Rohmat Widiyanto Rahmat Rifai Lubis ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-12-30 2019-12-30 19 2 112 131 10.19109/conciencia.v19i2.4323 PENDIDIKAN AGAMA ISLAM PADA ANAK USIA SEKOLAH DASAR DALAM KELUARGA DI KECAMATAN PEMANGKAT KABUPATEN SAMBAS <p style="text-align: justify;">Family roles have a huge influence on child education. The roles of each parent must complement each other, so that harmonization in the family can be realized through religious values in daily life. Family become the first place for education for a child, so the Islamic education in the family is very important because it will shape the child's personality. This study used a qualitative descriptive research method, so the results of this research were narrated in the form of descriptions. The data were gathered through observation and interviews where the major respondents were parents in Pemangkat. The data from the interview were analysed simultaneously, so that the data verification was also done simultaneously. The findings of this study revealed that the first religious education for the child was in the form of teaching things that are easy to understand, e.g. pronouncing asthma Allah, becoming close friends with them, forming good habit, encouraging the children to seek science by studying in the mosques. The widespread religious understanding in the family was later found in Pemangkat that Islamic educational materials were taught to children such as educational beliefs, religious education, moral education, primary teaching of Islamic education and reading the Qur'an. In Pemangkat, it was found that Islamic education in the family must pay attention to the Islamic faith, where faith is the essence of the foundation of faith one must be given to the child from an early age. In educating the children, the parents provided materials about religion to children that is by using the method of storytelling, by giving examples, experiences and punishment.</p> Rianawati, Wasli ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-12-30 2019-12-30 19 2 142 156 10.19109/conciencia.v19i2.4286 PEMILIHAN POLA ASUH DAN KEPEMIMPINAN PEMILIK PANTI ASUHAN <p style="text-align: justify;">This research based on the violence and exploitation cases of orphanage children’s. An orphanage that expected can be solution to resolve orphan and waif problems, but in fact some orphanages in Indonesia generally and especially in Palembang, violence and exploitation cases still happening in the orphanage. In this study case in three orphanages with different background. This research purpose is to analyze parenting system applied at Darul Hijrah, Ar-rohim, and Fitrah orphanage Palembang. The research method is qualitative method, with data collection technique through observation, interview and documentation. And data analysis techniques through the phase of data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. The results of research at three orphanages show that the orphanage owner must choose the right parenting system and the wrong selection parenting can’t separated from the role of the orphanage owner. In this research as exemplified by the Ar-Rohim orphanage which has a democratic parenting applied to orphanage children and the result have a positive impact on the development of orphanage children, both developmental psychology, social development and in terms of intelligence. So the hopes that the orphanage children do not feel lost love and attention from parents can be fulfilled.</p> Muhammad Qosim ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-12-30 2019-12-30 19 2 132 141 10.19109/conciencia.v19i2.3453