Conciencia Pascasarjana Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah en-US Conciencia 1412-2545 OTONOMI PENDIDIKAN DAN EKSISTENSI MADRASAH <p>The policy of regional autonomy has also implicated the education sector with the concept of decentralization of education, which aims to provide widespread authority to regulate and manage madrasah (local authorities) in the framework of improving the quality of education for all levels of society. Madrasah as one of the educational institutions that take shelter in the Department of Religion inevitably come into contact with the issue of educational autonomy. But the problem is whether the Department of Religion remains in the position of the autonomous rights holder for the entire education system in the madrasah or only limited to religious subjects only. A consistent, cautious but definite and nondisadvantageous attitude to the Department of Religion needs to be addressed in a special discussion.</p> Akmal Hawi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-01-17 2018-01-17 17 1 11 14 STRATEGI PENGENDALIAN DISORIENTASI SISWA DALAM BELAJAR DI SEKOLAH <p>Student learning situations in schools do not always benefit psychologically for certain students and teachers, because there are attitudes and behaviors of students that show contradiction with should occur. Ideally, the student should seriously study but is sometimes shown by aberrant behavior. Student learning orientation should focus on achieving success, get maximum achievement in a school, but sometimes fact justeri on the contrary, studying student no more just doing duty for the sake of pleasing parent and reach social status finished school. What is described above, the emergence is not without cause, the attitude of disorientation of students' learning in school is basically sourced from internal students themselves rather than from external factors. Students' disorientation in learning does not just appear, but arises from a cause, among them is the negative cycle of academic development experienced by students, low perceptions of learning, and effort in learning is very low. The adverse effects of these three factors will also affect students' attitudes toward learning, such as the use of ego in learning is greater than the logic, avoidance of challenges, such as dislike of difficulties, because it does not like to something hard and become a heavy burden for the brain , So can not measure the success and failure in learning. The consequences of it all have an effect on their behavior, such as tend to be difficult   to   control   to   learn   by   the   teacher, ignorance of the teacher and the lesson, likes to belittle the lesson learned, the less attention to the lesson   and   sometimes   show   the   destructive behavior when facing the  excessive challenge in learning, So the challenge he likes to be physically fit is not an intellectual challenge. In order to provide solutions to the attitudes and behaviors of students as described above, there needs to be a breakthrough that can be done, at least can be done through two kinds of strategies, namely motivation strategy and emotional strategy. Both are solutions that are internal rather than external.</p> Muhammad Misdar ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-01-17 2018-01-17 17 1 15 26 PERAN KEPEMIMPINAN KEPALA MADRASAH DALAM MENGEMBANGKAN BUDAYA MEMBACA AL-QUR’AN DI MADRASAH TSANAWIYAH NEGERI 1 PALEMBANG <p>This background of the effort to improve the learning process of the Qur'an is necessary because the Qur'an is the source of the law and the main rule for Muslims and grace performed MTs N 1 Palembang. The purpose of this research is to know and understand the role of leadership of madrasah head in developing the culture of reading al-Qur'an in MTs Negeri 1 Palembang and the impact of leadership role of madrasah head in developing the culture of reading al-Qur'an in MTs Negeri 1 Palembang. The research results obtained the following results: The role of leadership of madrasah head in developing the culture of reading the Qur'an in MTs Negeri 1 Palembang seen in the ability to coordinate the activities tahfidz al-Qur'an, in terms of problem solving in the program of culture al-Qur 'An, he gave authority to the concerned to solve it. The principal establishes communication with good language especially on issues in which the cultural activities of reading the Qur'an are concerned. The principal has given good motivation to the participants tahfidz the teacher in charge,  both  in  the  form  of  praise,  trust  and physical form. The impact of the leadership role of madrasah head in developing the culture of reading al-Qur'an in MTs Negeri 1 Palembang make the program of reading al-Qur'an culture focused on the activities  of tahfidz   al-Qur'an in MTs N 1 Palembang run effectively proven by many students Already memorized 1 juz even have 5 and 7 juz.</p> Erna Wati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-01-17 2018-01-17 17 1 40 52 STRATEGI PENGEMBANGAN KEGIATAN KEAGAMAAN ANAK USIA DINI DI TK HARAPAN IBU TANAH MAS BANYUASIN <p>This study found that first, the kindergarten strategy in developing the early childhood religious activities in Harapan Ibu Tanah Banyuasin kindergarten was pursued by establishing the development of the religious activities of the AUD that wanted to be internalized, establishing the form of its assessment, planning daily habituation along with its religious activity programs, applying Development of religious activities, awaken to all teachers of important roles and responsibilities in achieving the goal of developing religious activities in early childhood, as well as cooperating with the guardian of students in the development of early childhood religious activities in the kindergarten. Then the second discovery, finding the learning method used that is using exemplary methods, habituation, attention and supervision, methods of advice, game methods and story methods. Then the third finding, The supporting factor in developing the early childhood religious activities in kindergarten Harapan Ibu Tanah Mas Banyuasin is the awareness of the classroom teachers on the importance of the development of early childhood religious activities, the presence of good facilities and infrastructure, the establishment of harmonious cooperation between The school and parents in terms of developing the early childhood religious activities, the attention of both teachers and parents, the happiness of learners as well as inhibiting in developing the early childhood religious activities of the absence of awareness of the teacher on the importance of the development of religious activities, Lack of facilities and infrastructure, no good cooperation between parents and teachers, the lack of attention of parents and teachers in terms of religious activities of early childhood and the last absence of the happiness of learners in following the religious activities that take place.</p> Nyimas Nurrohma ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-01-17 2018-01-17 17 1 53 62 Peran Komite dalam Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan di Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 1 Palembang (Studi Manajemen Peningkatan Mutu Berbasis Sekolah) <p>The purpose of this study is to know and understand the role of school committees in the provision of education in MTs Negeri 1 Palembang and the impact of school committee role in the provision of education in MTs Negeri 1 Palembang. The results of the research are as follows: The role of the school committee as a deliberation is manifested in the form of input of learning process to the teachers, the consideration of the provision and use of facilities and infrastructure, the consideration of the use and utilization of the budget, the input on the draft budget and expenditure of madrasah (RAPBM ), Held draft budget and madrasah budget (RAPBM) budgets, changed considerations and joined the RAPBM with the headmaster. School committees play a role in the framework of transparency in the use of education funding allocations, including in overseeing the use of grants to be more accountable. The committee also oversees the implementation of the bimbel (additional class hours). The role of the committee as a mediator has so far been the form of a link between the principal and the community, the principal with the education council and the principal with the school itself. The impact of school committee role in education implementation at MTs Negeri 1 Palembang is seen in the implementation of four role of committee which influence either directly or indirectly, but not yet maximal in support of education in MTs Negeri Palembang.</p> Hasna Rita ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-01-17 2018-01-17 17 1 70 80