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Copyright will be transferred to State Islamic University of Raden Fatah, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia, via e-mail. A copyright form will be sent to you via e-mail after the accepted manuscript has been submitted.</p> (Lenny Marzulina) (Lenny Marzulina) Sun, 31 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Looking at the Impacts of Transformational Leadership Skills and Organizational Climate on Job Satisfaction and Business Performance <p>This research aims to determine the effect of transformational leadership skills and organizational climate on job satisfaction that affects the performance of the business at PT. Inti Jaya Purnama, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. This research employed a quantitative research design with the survey method. The samples are 155 employees chosen using random sampling. Data are analyzed using the structural equation modeling based on Partial Least Squares (PLS-SEM) with the assistance of SmartPLS version 3.0. PLS is used in structural equation modeling based on a standardized coefficient of regression (β) that allows for the simultaneous examination of both the measurement and structural models. The research findings acquired via this approach are subsequently assessed 1) transformational leadership skills on job satisfaction with the value of t observation as much as 10.035 which is bigger than the tα as much as 1.975 with the value of significance as much as 0.000 which is less than 0.05; 2) Organizational climate affects positively and significantly on job satisfaction with the value of t observation as much 4.955 which is bigger than the tα as much as 1.975 with the value of significance as much as 0.000 which is less than 0.05; and 3) job satisfaction has a significant effect on business performance with the value of t observation as much as 22.687 which is bigger than the tα as much as 1.975 with the value of significance as much as 0.000 which is less than 0.05.</p> Hikmat Hikmat, Dadang Munandar, Izzatusholekha Izzatusholekha ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 25 Dec 2023 09:21:53 +0000 Teaching English in Rural Areas: A Closer Look into Teachers’ Challenges <p>Teaching English in rural areas remains several significant challenges. This study aimed to explore the challenges encountered by English teachers in South Sumatera, Indonesia when teaching in such environments. The research design employed for this investigation was qualitative, utilizing a case study approach. Two English language teachers from the specified region participated in this study. The research data were gathered through semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions. Subsequently, the interview data were analyzed using thematic analysis. This research revealed six distinct challenges faced by the teachers in teaching English. These challenges include: (1) inadequate infrastructure, (2) insufficient learning facilities, (3) inadequate learning resources, (4) low proficiency in English, (5) unfavorable teaching conditions, and (6) limited opportunities for teacher development. Addressing these challenges is crucial to create a positive environment for effective teaching and learning English in rural areas.</p> Herizal Herizal, Lenny Marzulina, Dian Erlina, Muhammad Holandyah, Hikmah Zalifah Putri, Budi Arsih Amelia ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 31 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 The Fairclough Critical Discourse Analysis Model in the Used Motorcycle Sale Advertising on Facebook: A Case Study <p>This article examines the use of the Fairclough Model of Critical Discourse Analysis to strengthen the context of the advertisement discourse for used motorcycles sales on Facebook. Case studies were conducted at Ninja R/Rr Sales and Purchases Group for the Klaten, Yogyakarta, Solo, and surrounding areas. This research aims to signify the use of Critical Discourse Analysis to strengthen the advertising discourse. The study implements a qualitative descriptive method with critical discourse analysis technique. The data were collected from the sales advertisements of used motorbikes posted on Ninja R/Rr Sales and Purchases Group for the Klaten, Jogja, Solo, and surrounding areas. The data were analyzed using the three dimensions of Critical Discourse Analysis of the Fairclough Model, consisting of the textual dimension, the discursive dimension, and the social dimension. The results highlight three viewpoints. In the textual dimension, the advertisements offer a clear and easy-to-understand structure. In the discursive dimension, the advertisements construct appropriate meanings contextually. In the social dimension, the advertisements represent social values related to the ownership of used motorbikes.</p> Dewi Kusumaningsih, Adit Nugroho, Sri Wahono Saptomo, Saptono Hadi, Titik Sudiatmi, Sri Muryati ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 08 Jan 2024 13:52:22 +0000 Improving Students’ Writing Ability by Using the Inside-Outside Circle Type: The Case of One Senior High School <p>The student’s writing ability is paramount in every subject, especially English, such as narrative text. At SMK Negeri 10 Merangin in class X Tata Busana, a student’s writing ability is one of the assessment points in the syllabus that has been designed. This research aims to improve students’ writing ability with the Inside-Outside-Circle (IOC) cooperative learning model. The design of this research is Classroom Action Research (CAR). This research was carried out in class X SMK Negeri 10 Merangin for the academic year 2021/2022. In this research, the researcher conducts Learning English writing, which one of the subjects is narrative text. To collect data, the researchers used a written test. The researcher gave a written test to the students, namely the pre-test, using analytical scores in analyzing the written test. Based on the research results, none of the students achieved the KKM score. In the first cycle, 44% or six students scored &gt;75, and 56% or 13 students scored &lt;75. Furthermore, in the second cycle, 89%, or 13 students achieved the KKM, and 11% or six students did not reach the KKM. Furthermore, the student’s average score in the pre-test was 33.78%, in the first cycle 50.52%, and in the second cycle 64.57%. Based on these findings, the researcher concludes that this research can improve students' writing ability by using the inside-outside-circle (IOC) type in class X students at SMK Negeri 10 Merangin. Based on these data, the researcher would like to conclude that students' writing ability has improved from the tests that have been given, but students to be more active in learning to write about vocabulary and mechanics and grammar.</p> Retno Wahyu Ningsih, Elmaida Elmaida, Diyan Adriani, Isra Miharti ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 31 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000