KECERDASAN EMOSIONAL DALAM PERSPEKTIF HADIS MAUDHU’I Emotional Intelligence in Perspective Maudhu'iy Hadith

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M Makbul Ferianto Ferianto La Ode Ismail Dewi Saputri. S


: The study of maudhu'iy hadith is a thematic method for expressing terms that focus on a language. Emotional intelligence is currently something that is needed by humans, given the urgency, the authors are interested in exploring further related to emotional intelligence in the perspective of hadith, because things related to recognizing one's own emotions, managing emotions, recognizing other people's emotions and fostering cursory relationships in The minds of many researchers are described by the Prophet Muhammad But unfortunately, generally it has not been explored in more depth, therefore, to prove this assumption, the author is in the form of conducting hadith research related to "Emotional Intelligence in the Perspective of Hadith (a study of Maudhu'iy Hadith)". It is hoped that by looking at the hadith the author and readers will understand more about matters related to emotional intelligence

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Makbul, M, Ferianto Ferianto, La Ismail, and Dewi S. “KECERDASAN EMOSIONAL DALAM PERSPEKTIF HADIS MAUDHU’I”. el-Sunnah: Jurnal Kajian Hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu 3, no. 1 (December 15, 2022): 147-157. Accessed February 27, 2024.