This research entitled “The Concept of Khalifah fil Ardhi in Philosophy Prespective; Study about human existence as Khalifah. This research is discribing about the concept of Khalifah in philosophy prespective, and finding the meaning of human existence as khalifah on earth. The method used in this research is historic desciptive method, interpretation method, comparative method and heuristics method. The analysis used in this study is qualitative descriptive explaining the description  of human existance in charge of their duty as Khalifah on earth... The results of this research conclude that Khalifah is the duty given to human (Adam and his offspring) on earth and the reality of the human leadership in managing and organizing the universe that is appropiate with the rules given by God in order to dedicating fot God. A Khalifah should habe these characters: Yahduna bi amrina; wa awhayna ilayhim fi’la al-khayra; ‘abidin (including Iqam Al-Al-Shalat and Ita’ al Zakat); yaqiny; shabaru. Al Shabru’ becomes the consideration of making someone becomes a Khalifah, this character is important for a khalifah. Besides that it alsi describing the mental character of themselves, shown as the behavior when execute the Khalifah duty. The Khalifah existence as the pilot and role model for all human, can build the justice and give the welfare to all people and also bring the happiness in the world and hereafter.