Psikis : Jurnal Psikologi Islami 2018-06-08T08:23:24+00:00 Muhamad Uyun Open Journal Systems <p>Psikis: Jurnal Psikologi Islami is a scientific journal published by Faculty of Psychology of State Islamic University (UIN) Raden Fatah Palembang. The papers to be published in Journal of Islamic Psychology is a kind of article of research (quantitative or qualitative research approach), literature study or original ideas that are considered to contribute to the development of general psychology and Islamic Psychology especially with the theme of integration of Psychology and Islamic either by individual or by groups. It is published twice a year, in June and in December. There are two version of publication; print out (p) with ISSN: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2502-728X</a> and electronic (e) with ISSN Online: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2549-6468</a>.</p> PENDIDIKAN KEIMANAN SEBAGAI BASIS KECERDASAN SOSIAL PESERTA DIDIK: TELAAH PSIKOLOGI ISLAMI 2018-06-08T08:09:41+00:00 Idi Warsah <p>This article aims to reveal the importance of faith in education as the basis of the Social intelligence of learners although it can not be measured concretely through quantitative data. This domain is a benchmark of the success of the educational process in Islam as the goal of Islamic education itself. This article use literature research, which examines the subject through the literature related to the focus of the problem that result the conclusion as follows: First, Man created by God was born as a person who brings potential social intelligence. The multi-dimensional social intelligence that God bestows on human beings is able to assume his duty as chalif and dedicate himself totally in the form of faith and piety to Allah; Secondly, the education of faith becomes important and the main thing is given to learners, by: introducing the name of Allah SWT and His Apostle; gives the description of ​​who the creator of the universe is through examply stories; introducing the Almighty of Allah SWT; to be an example for children in both worship and friendship; respect the abilities of the children; positioning them not as objects but as learning partners; and give a positive appreciation of all the advantages possessed by learners.</p> 2018-06-08T04:26:14+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## SIKAP TAWAKAL DENGAN KECEMASAN MENGHADAPI UJIAN NASIONAL PADA SISWA KELAS XII MADRASAH ALIYAH DI KOTA PALEMBANG 2018-06-08T08:16:09+00:00 Bobi Januar Iskandar Muhammad Noupal Kiki Cahaya Setiawan <p>The independent variable in this research is the attitude of tawakal. While the dependent variable is anxiety facing the national exam. Hypothesis research there is correlation between attitude tawakal with anxiety face national exam at student class XII. The samples were taken using Cluster Random Sampling technique. The sample in this study amounted to 165 students class XII IPA 1, XII IPA 2, XII IPA 4, XII IPS 1 and XII IPA 3. Methods of data retrieval in this study using the scale of attitude tawakal and the scale of anxiety face the national exam. Data analysis method used to test the research hypothesis using Pearson Product Moment analysis. All data analysis calculations were performed using the SPSS (Statistical Packager For Social Science) software version 22.00. The conclusion of this research is there is a significant negative correlation between attitude tawakal with anxiety face national examination at student of class XII (r = -0,596; p = 0,000). This suggests that the role of tawakal attitude to anxiety is very important. Humans who have a high tawakal attitude will have a low anxiety and vice versa.</p> 2018-06-08T07:09:34+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## LESBIAN, GAY, BISEKSUAL DAN TRANSGENDER: TINJAUAN TEORI PSIKOSEKSUAL, PSIKOLOGI ISLAM DAN BIOPSIKOLOGI 2018-06-08T08:18:48+00:00 Muhammad Rizki Akbar Pratama Rahmaini Fahmi Fatmawati Fadli <p>The rise of LGBT case in Indonesia, attracted the attention of researchers to see how the view of psychology about LGBT. This study is a literature review research using relevant reference theories and publications in the field of Psychosexual, Islamic Psychology, and Biopsychology. According to the psychosexual perspective, humans are inherently bisexual. A person to be able to express himself as LGBT or heterosexual is when he is in phallic phase, where the point of pleasure is in the genitals. Based on the Islamic psychology, LGBT behavior is a type of ammara personality; dominated by lust 55%, assisted by 30% of mind power, and 15% of qalbu. While based on biopsychological point of view, LGBT behavior is not influenced by hormones but occurs due to changes in brain structure caused by experience and environment called plasticity, where the behavior of a person is able to change the shape of the human brain itself. From the results of the literature review above shows that LGBT is an abnormality of sexual orientation that is influenced by one's experience and environment.</p> 2018-12-16T15:09:23+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## KESEJAHTERAAN PSIKOLOGIS PADA JEMAAH PENGAJIAN DITINJAU DARI RELIGIUSITAS DAN HUBBUD DUNYA 2018-06-08T08:22:00+00:00 Lavenda Azalia Leli Nailul Muna ahmad Rusdi <p>Psychological well-being is an important psychological element that supports individual total functioning. Psychological well-being is influenced by various factors including religiosity, and inversely proportional to psychological illness such as depression, anxiety, and materialism. This study aims to test the hypothesis of the relationship between <em>hubbud dunya</em> and religiosity with psychological well-being in the congregation of <em>pengajian</em>. The sample in this study is the <em>congregation</em> of pengajian by sampling method using purposive sampling. Methods of data collection using 4 scales of research. The psychological well-being scale of Ryff (1995), the scale of religiosity 1 and 2 of Nashori &amp; Wijaya (2016), and the scale of <em>hubbud dunya</em> compiled by researchers based on Imam al-ghazali thought in <em>ihya 'ulumuddin</em>. Data analysis using spearman correlation coefficient test. The results showed there was a positive relationship between religiosity and psychological well-being. The aspects of religiosity that has a positive relationship with psychological well-being is the aspect of worship, morals, and experience. The hypothesis test between<em> hubbud dunya</em> and psychological well-being showed that there was no significant relationship between the two.</p> 2018-12-16T15:09:23+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ORIENTASI TUJUAN DAN EFIKASI AKADEMIK TERHADAP KECURANGAN AKADEMIK PADA MAHASISWA FAKULTAS PSIKOLOGI UIN RADEN FATAH PALEMBANG 2018-06-08T08:09:41+00:00 Muhamad Uyun <p>The research entitled goal orientation and academic efficacy to academic cheating on students of Faculty of Psychology UIN Raden Fatah Palembang. It begins the reality of education in Indonesia has not been quite successful in creating a whole person. It Looks from the are still splendid phenomenon that illustrates the moral decay of learners. One of them is a disturbing phenomenon of cheating behavior in this research is called academic cheating. This study aims to prove, how the influence of goal orientation and academic efficacy of academic cheating on students of the Faculty of Psychology UIN Raden Fatah. This type of correlational research because it explains the causal relationships that occur between variables, By using scale as a means of data collection. Data analysis use structural equation model (SEM) with program moment of structure analysis (AMOS.18).</p> 2018-06-08T07:51:01+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## KEHARMONISAN KELUARGA DAN KENAKALAN REMAJA PADA SISWA KELAS 9 MTS NEGERI 2 PALEMBANG 2018-06-08T08:23:24+00:00 Desy Oktaviani Lukmawati Lukmawati <p>The goal of this research is for examine relationship between harmony family with delinquency teenagers. The sample of this research is IX class of the MTs negeri 2 palembang consist of 173 Students. The methods used data using the Statistical Programme for Social Science (SPSS) versi 20.00 for windows to test the relationship between harmony of family and delinquency teenagers. The result of Product Moment Correlation showed the number r= -0,598 with ρ = 0.000 where (ρ&lt;0.01), it can be concluded that there is a negative relationship which is significant between harmony family and deliquency teenagers from IX class students of MTs Negeri 2 Palembang. The Negative association shows that the higher that harmony family the lower is delinquency teenagers vice verse lower is harmony family the increasingly high deliquency teenagers happened.</p> 2018-06-08T07:55:15+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENDEKATAN PSIKOLOGI DALAM KAJIAN PENDIDIKAN ISLAM 2018-06-08T08:09:42+00:00 Firman Mansir <p>This study examines psychology as an approach in Islamic studies, especially in Islamic education. Islamic psychology and education basically have the same pattern in seeing various cases in scientific buildings, so that in Islamic studies such as Islamic education, an approach is required to look at deeper social phenomena, namely by using a psychological approach. This research is literature study (<em>library research</em>) that is research which come from library materials by using qualitative approach. Therefore, what is done is the exploration of some data both primary and secondary data with concrete steps as follows: read and examine in depth primary data such as books which is the result of research, thesis or dissertation related to psychology and education of Islam. Therefore, psychology as an approach can give birth to findings that fit the context. In Islamic studies, especially Islamic education can be access for other sciences to serve as a tool in viewing various social problems. It then happens with the psychology and education of Islam because it gave birth to the psychology of Islamic education.</p> 2018-06-08T08:08:22+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PERANAN PENERAPAN SERTIFIKASI GURU TERHADAP KINERJA GURU (INTEGRASI PSIKOLOGI INDUSTRI DAN ORGANISASI ISLAMI) 2018-06-08T08:09:41+00:00 Budiman Budiman <p>Teachers are the leaders in creating quality and independent human resources. The primary purpose of this research is to examine the role of applying teacher certification to teacher performance. the hypothesis of this research is that there is a role of applying teacher certification to teacher performance. This research type is quantitative approach with development research with sample in this research amounted to 33 teachers in work area DISDIKPORAPAR Banyuasin Regency rayon 1 Banyuasin III District. Methods of data collection in this study use the scale of teacher performance and scale of application of teacher certification. Data collected were analyzed using simple linear regression. The result of the data analysis indicated that there was a significant role in the implementation of teachers' certification in teacher performance (r = 0,756 p = 0.000) meaning that the implementation of teacher certification has a real role to the performance of teachers. It should be the stakeholders of the education and government providers in order to improve and improve the quality of teachers' welfare as a form of appreciation for the efforts and achievements that teachers have achieved.</p> 2018-06-08T07:40:54+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##