• Endang Rochmiatun Jurusan Sejarah dan Kebudayaan Islam Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora IAIN Raden Fatah Palembang


Abstract :This article discusses the history of the position as "science". As an independent discipline, actually has a history of theories. However, the existing theories in history is typical, in contrast to theory in natural science or even the human sciences themselves. It is strongly associated with the position of the history of science itself, which is in two scientific entities. On one side of the science of history is part of the social sciences, but on the other hand, including the humanities. However, do not reduce the history of science scholarship itself. Theories in the history of science, although a bit slow, continue to evolve with the development of science. Development of theories of the history of science many theories supplied by other sciences, such as sociology, psychology, and literature . However, of all of that, theoretical contributions to the philosophy of history's most prominent science . Development theories are expected to provide a solid base of knowledge of history, so the history of science plays a role in community building in its own way . These theories are also expected to help explain historical events scientifically . This is perhaps the usefulness of historical theories in practice and in theory .
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Rochmiatun, Endang. “KEDUDUKAN SEJARAH DI TENGAH ILMU-ILMU LAIN”. Tamaddun: Jurnal Kebudayaan dan Sastra Islam 13, no. 1 (1). Accessed October 24, 2020.