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Saiful Saiful


Rosalynn Carter (pakdosen.co.id) revealed that a leader brings other people from a place they want to go, someone who brings their supporters, followers to a place they may not want to go, but who must lead them to achieve the goals they want. go". Therefore, the progress of the organization can be seen from the changes made, of course the one who makes the changes is one of the leaders in the organization, because the leader is able to move all elements of the organization, to achieve results in accordance with the objectives. The change does not stand alone, but there are various factors that determine the process of change that is carried out. In general, there are factors from within the organization and factors from outside the organization, among which is the leader factor, where the role of the leader is to make changes to the organization he leads. A leader is also seen from controlling a change he does, a control that is the core of the leadership role in the organization. Change has pros and cons, for those who are contra because their position will change to feel uncomfortable because of changes in the organization, while for the pros feel the need for organizational change in order to achieve more goals than what has been achieved so far

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