The editors ALKIMIA : Jurnal Ilmu Kimia dan Terapan with number of ISSN 2580-9881 (online)/ 2580-9873 (print) are happy to invite the contribution of researchers, scientists, and professionals to publish and to disseminate the research results here. But beforehand, make sure you read the following instructions:


General Instructions

a. Manuscripts are the results of authentic research that have never been published before, or are not in the process of publishing in other journals or other publications.

b. The text does not contain plagiarism maximum 25%.

c. The manuscript is written according to the template of ALKIMIA: Jurnal Ilmu Kimia dan Terapan.

d. Manuscripts submit through the Online Submission System by Open Journal System (OJS).

e. Manuscripts that do not accordance the template will be returned to the author before the review process.

f. Manuscripts must be written in English.

g. Manuscripts consist of 5-10 pages.

h. Script files in Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx, or .rtf).

i. The manuscript is written in one columns, font Times New Roman, A4 paper, upper margin 2 cm, bottom margin 2 cm, right margin 2 cm and left margin 3 cm, space 1 pt. Detailed explanation is available in the template, download here.

j. Images / graphics must be guaranteed to print well (font size, resolution, and line space are clearly visible).

k. It is recommended for authors to use reference managers such as Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote etc. in writing citations and references with style IEEE.


Directions for Manuscript Body Text

The manuscript consists of: title, author data, abstracts in Indonesian and English, keywords, introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgments (optional), and bibliography, with the following description:


Title of manuscript

The title must be informative and be written concisely and clearly, avoid various interpretations, must be exact with the problem to be discussed. The initial word is written in capital letters (except conjunctions) and inverted pyramid form. The title does not contain unusual abbreviations. The main ideas must be written down first and followed by an explanation. The title is written a maximum of 14 words, font Times New Roman, size 14, Bold, Space 1 pt, and center alignment.



Abstract is written in Indonesian and English. The abstract contains a brief and clear description related to the background and the purpose of the study, the method used, and the results and conclusions obtained. Abstracts are written in one paragraph, 150-250 words and are followed by keywords. Keywords consist of 3-5 words or phrases that are very specific.


The introduction must (briefly and sequentially) contain the background of the study, a literature review (state of art) as the basis for the main research problem, and a hypothesis. The novelty of this study must be briefly explained.


Research methods

The methods used in solving research problems are explained in this section, including the equipment and materials used. Type of material, purity, material manufacturer must be stated as well as the brand of instrument used.


Results and Discussion

This section consists of the results of research and discussion. The results obtained from research must be supported by adequate data. The results of research must be the answers or research hypotheses stated earlier in the introduction.


This is the last section that contains conclusions and suggestions. The conclusion will be the answer of the hypothesis and research objectives. The advice contains suggestions related to further ideas from research.

Acknowledgements (optional)
All acknowledgements (if any) should be included supporting grants, funds, etc should be brief.

Author Contributions
All authors contributed through scientific discussions should be written in the article


All references used in the article must be listed in this section. In this section, all references used must be taken from primary sources (at least 80% of all references are scientific journals) published in the last ten years. Each article must have at least ten references. In this case the authors are advised to use the Management Reference (Mendeley, Zotero, Endnote, etc.) using the IEEE style.