Research articles or Manuscripts submitted to Jurnal Studi Ilmu KOMUNIKASI (JSIKOM) are initially examined by the editors for general fit with the Jurnal Studi ilmu komunikasi writing guideline, focus and scope and for the writing quality. Only those research articles meeting the Jurnal studi ilmu komunikasi criteria will be sent to reviewers for a double-blind review in case neither authors nor reviewers know each other’s identities.

Peer review: When the manuscript has passed the desk review stage, it will then be delivered to two reviewers who are experts in the field of the submitted manuscript. The review process will be done within 3 weeks. Manuscripts that did not successfully pass the desk review process will not proceed to this stage.

Peer Review: after the manuscripts did from desk review, the manuscripts will be assigned to evaluate by two reviewers on the basis of their expertise. At this stage, the manuscripts or research papers will be done in approximately 2 weeks. A reviewer will be appointed in case one of the reviewers disagrees with the quality of the research article for publication. The assigned reviewers evaluate the research articles by using a standard manuscript evaluation form. They are required to treat all the information in the research articles as confidential.

Reviewer’s decision: The reviewers then make a decision based on the reviewers' advice, from among several possibilities:

1. Accepted; means that the manuscript without any revision, and proper for publication

2. Accepted with minor revisions; means that the manuscript is proper for publication, but it needs to revise in accordance with the reviewers’ concerns

3. Accepted with major revisions; means that substantive inadequacies in the manuscript, such as data analysis, the main theory used, and rewriting of paragraphs, need to be revised

4. Rejected; means that the manuscript is not proper for publication

Revision Stage. Once the manuscript has been received with notations of minor or major revisions, it will be returned to the author with a review summary form. For manuscripts accepted with major revisions, authors are allotted 3 weeks to revise. Whereas for manuscripts accepted with minor revisions, 2 weeks is allotted for revision. When returning the revised manuscript, the author is required to fill in and attach the review summary form. 

Final decision: At this stage, the manuscript will be re-examined by the Board of Editors for ensuring the author has revised it in response to the reviewers’ concerns. Only those manuscripts that are judged by the editors and assigned editors to be inappropriate are rejected promptly without external reviews.

Proofread: At this stage, when a manuscript has been accepted by the Board of Editors, it will undergo a proofreading process to maintain linguistic quality.

Publication Confirmation:  the final layout of the manuscript will be resent to the author to ensure that the content is in accordance with the author’s writing. At this stage, the author may revise any typographical error found in the final manuscript. Once confirmation from the author is given, the Editorial Secretary will process the manuscript for online publication on the website as well as a print publication.