Focus - Spiritual Healing : Journal Mysticism And Psycotherapy is a scientific journal published by Faculty Of Ushuluddin And Islamic Thought University (UIN) Raden Fatah Palembang. The papers to be published in Spiritual Healing : Journal Mysticism and Psychotherapy is a kind of article of research (quantitative or qualitative research approach).

Scope - Spiritual Healing : Journal Mysticism and Psychotherapy is calls for scientific articles on Tasawuf And Psycotherapy. It covers problems in literature studies or thought studies which are seen as contributing to the development of general psychology, Psychoterapy and Islamic psychology especially with the theme of integration of psychology, psikoterapi  and Islam, which done individually or in groups. The primary target audiences of this journal are academicians, practitioners, graduate students and other professionals with interest in Tasawuf And Psycotherapy.