Focus and Scope

el-Sunnah: Jurnal Kajiandan Integrasi Hadis, is a scholarly periodical journal published by the Department of Hadis Sciences (IH), Faculty of Ushuluddin and Islamic Thought, State Islamic University of Raden Fatah Palembang, twice a year (January-June, and July-December). el-Sunnah's journal is a place to present the results of scientific works from lecturers, students, researchers, practitioners and those who interested in field research study, classical-contemporary research, Muslim-Western study and all related researches to hadis sciences, takhrij al hadith, ma’anil hadith, mukhtalif-musykil hadith, contemporary hadith studies, hermeneutics, methodology and syarah hadith (interpretation of hadith) up to social phenomenon of hadith, worldly known as living hadith.

Living Hadith

Ma'ani Al Hadith Studies

Takhrij Hadith

Mushkil Hadith

Hadith Applications

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