Journal History

Journal History

By: Muhamad Takrip, 10 Januari 2023



El-Sunnah : Jurnal Kajian Hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu is a Scientific Journal published by Program Studi Ilmu Hadis the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Islamic Thought, Raden Fatah State Islamic University Palembang. Since 2019, the Journal of Religious Studies has begun to be produced through the Open Journal System (OJS) from volume 1 No. 1 with e-ISSN 2809 1744, previously only produced in the form of a printed journal, with ISSN: 2828 2019. At that time, the Journal was managed by Iredho Fani Reza, Beko Hendro, Eko Zulfikar and several other teams.


Articles that can be published in the El-Sunnah : Jurnal Kajian Hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu are articles from empirical research (quantitative or qualitative approaches), literature studies or thought studies that are seen as contributing to the development of religious knowledge, especially those related to Islamic sciences. Hadith Studies with various perspectives of law, philosophy, history, art, theology, sociology, anthropology, political science and others, Hadith sciences, Living Hadith, Hadith Stuides accros different areas in the world (The Middle East, The West, Archipelago and other areas), syarah hadith (interpretation of hadith), and other professionals who are interested in Religious Studies.


Starting from the publication volume 1 No. 1 of 2020, manuscript articles published in the El-Sunnah:Jurnal kajian Hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu are only eight (6) articles, Volume 1 No 1 2020. articles was based on the desire to improve the quality of the articles, because a selection process was carried out for the articles submitted.


The struggle undertaken by El-Sunnah: Journal of Hadith Studies and Integration of Science has yielded results because it is consistent and is now at the DOAJ accreditation process and indexed. includes the performance of researchers, writers, writers, the performance of journals and the performance of science and technology institutions. El-Sunnah: Journal of Hadith Studies and Science Integration is also indexed by Google Scholar, GARUDA and others (can be seen on the Indexing page).

At the beginning of January 2022, the El-Sunnah : Jurnal Kajian hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu has been repaired and updated, both from the management team that was previously managed by Beko Hendro, and now chaired by Muhamad Takrip as Editor in Chief, as well as related OJS journals such as improvements and updates to the appearance of the website and also the article templates used. Because the El-Sunnah : Jurnal Kajian hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu is currently being improved and making many changes, the next target of the El-Sunnah : Jurnal Kajian hadis dan Integrasi Ilmu is to get akreditasi sinta or SINTA 3.