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Wardah journal (Warta Dakwah) is published regularly on June and December. For the authors who wish to submit their manuscripts to Wardah journal, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled; the manuscript is the original result of the study; the manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia, English, or Arabic; the manuscript related to the field of da’wah, communication, and society; the abstract is written in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Arabic; the manuscript follows the rules of scientific writing paper; it types in a single space, length between 15 to 35 pages; the manuscript is sent via email to wardah_dakwah@radenfatah.ac.id.
The authors are given the opportunity to revise their manuscript by Mitra Bestari recommendation. Any manuscript that received or rejected will be notified.
Manuscript writing system: it does not similar to thesis writing; include theoretical framework, the formulation of the problem, objective of the research, literature review. In writing the citation, the authors can use footnote (Chicago Styles) on every page, or endnote in the end of the chapter, the letter used is Times New Roman; font 12. The mention of the author’s name, the name of the book, publisher, the city and the year of printing the book or page is written as follow. Abudin, Nata, Metodologi Studi Islam, (Jakarta: PT Raja Grafindo, 2003) h. 76. While the reference is written as, Nata, Abudin, Metodologi Studi Islam, Jakarta: PT Raja Grafindo, 2003.