Pelaksanaan Minat Baca Perpustakaan Masjid Tambihul Ghofilin Desa Berugo Kecamatan Belimbing Kabupaten Muara Enim


  • Lusi Oktafiani Prodi Ilmu Perpustakaan
  • Misroni Misroni
  • Ahmad Wahidi Prodi Ilmu Perpustakaan


Reading Interests, Libraries, Mosques


This study aims to develop reading interest for elementary school students and childrenwho have not yet taken education. As for the background of this writing, SD students arestill unable to read until grade 6, and it can be said that they need energy and motivatorsto encourage them to be even more active in increasing their reading interest. Some ofthese elementary school students are also not familiar with capital letters which makesthem even more inhibited in increasing their development of reading interest both atschool and at home. As we know, reading is an activity that involves the five senses to seethe writing and the process of understanding the contents of the text by issuing a voice orjust silently. In the research process, reading activities are the main interest desired bymost elementary school students and children who are not yet in school. Instead of offeringto create a forum so that they can learn to read every day other than at school, thereforewe are trying our best to help make this happen by creating a reading garden in a mosquecalled Tambihul Ghofilin, after elementary school students and other children who theschool has not finished the Koran at the mosque. Even with the limited teaching staff, theauthors warmly welcomed their enthusiasm. Therefore, the authors try to develop theirinterest to be even more active in reading by creating a reading garden at the TambihulGhofilin Mosque.