Articles sent to the editor of Usroh must comply with the following technical requirements:

The article is a conceptual writing or the result of research on Islamic Family Law.

The systematics of article preparation includes the title, author's name and identity, abstract and keywords, introduction (problem, previous research and objectives), research methods, discussion, conclusions and references.

The article is an authentic work and has not been published in another periodical or anthology.

Articles are written in standard Indonesian with Times New Roman 11 (Indonesian/Latin) 1.15 cm spaced on 16x24 cm Costume size paper and sent to or to email address: in Word format. Writing length is 5000-7000 words. Articles must be submitted no later than one month before the journal is published.
Abstract written in two languages, Indonesian and English, consisting of a maximum of 200 words. Keywords consist of 3-5 words.
The name of the author of the article (without an academic degree or position) is listed along with affiliation and email address.
Articles that enter the Editorial Board will be reviewed by reviewers anonymously.
Articles received by reviewers will be edited by the editorial board for uniform format and writing style without changing the content.
Articles must include citation sources using the footnote model and bibliography using the APA (American Psychological Association).

Make sure that your articles are prepared using the articles template.