Konsep Maqam Tauhid Perspektif Muhammad Nafis al-Banjari (Studi Analisis terhadap Kitab ad-Durrun Nafis)

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Ahmad Kamil Muntaha


Tawhid is affirming Allah both in essence, nature and deeds. A person can be said to be monotheistic if he only makes Allah the God he worships. However, from the point of view of Sufism, tawhid is used as a way to get closer to Allah. One of the descriptions of the tawhid which is very fundamental for Muslim researches is found in a book by a Sufi scholar from South Kalimantan in the form of maqam that must be passed by a salik to get closer to Allah. This study aims to analyze the book al-Durr al-Nafis fi Bayan Wahdat al-Af’al wa al-Asma’ wa al-Shifat wa al-Dzat al-Taqdis regarding the concept of maqam of tawhid. This study uses a qualitative approach with the type of literature study research. The research method used is content analysis. The result of this study indicate that Muhammad Nafis is a philosophical Sufism character who has a work in the form of Sufism. The book contains the teachings of tawhid that are integrated with Sufism and a combination of thoughts of moral tasawuf and philosophical tasawuf in an objective manner. This book begins with matters that cancel suluk and various kinds of syirik khafi, then continues with a discussion of the four maqam of tawhid as levels for the salik on the way to Allah, and levels of Tajalli Dzat as a closing. This research concludes that the maqam of tawhid Muhammad Nafis as a whole contains the concept of musyahadah on the absoluteness of the essence and form of God so that the salik can see the essence ofall events in this universe to avoid idolatry.

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