Sintesis Hidroksiapatit dari Tulang Ikan Patin melalui Metode Presipitasi

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Asregi Asril Jumriana Rahayuningsih


Catfish bones have been successfully synthesized into hydroxyapatite through the precipitation method. Catfish bone used because it will produce hydroxyapatite that is more biocompatible with bone. The model used is a laboratory experiment through the method of precipitation which synthesizes the bones of catfish that have been calcined with nitric acid, aquades, ammonium hydroxide, and diammonium hydrogen phosphate to produce hydroxyapatite products. The FTIR results show that there are hydroxyapatite constituent groups at their peak. XRD shows that the product produced is indeed hydroxyapatite because it complies with the standards of the ICCS. The results of SEM showed there is an agglomeration of the product produced due to the precipitation method itself.

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