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Title Not exceeding 15 words / character written capital, thick (bold), Font Time News Roman (TNR) 14, center, space 1.15. Author, ownership, and e-mail Name of author without title, name of the institution (ownership), and e-mail correspondence author Abstract is written English Between 100 s.d. 150 words that contain the main thoughts or findings in the article / research results. Keywords / Keyword Written maximum of 4 words (can be in the form of phrase) which is really the keyword of the article / research manuscript in the form of research (literature review or field) consists of a maximum of 20 pages written in Time News Roman (TNR) 12, Justify. The manuscripts are arranged in three parts: Introduction, Content of Discussion, Conclusions, and References Introduction: Contains backgrounds, the subject of the text, the importance of the theme discussed, and the purpose of the subject matter. In this section it is recommended to avoid detailed explanation of the theoretical basis, problem statement, and the like as published in the thesis / dissertation paper. Introduction is written bold (bold) mark heading. Contents of the Discussion: Contains discussions in accordance with the theme of the manuscript. In the discussion consists of sub-sub-discussion in accordance with the theme. The contents of the main text / discussion is written lock caps (large capital at the beginning of the word), bold (bold) without heading. In writing sub-sub themes (smallest) attempted to avoid downward numbering but made in the form of paragraphs (example: among others: 1) .....; 2) .....; 3) .....) Supporting Instruments Supporting instruments may be drawings (graphs / charts) or tables. Images / tables are recommended in black and white format, and if made in a color format, it must be ensured that they can still be read clearly when the script is printed in black and white. The drawings / tables should be numbered and summarized above with the format; centered, TNR 10, space 1. The contents of the table are written in the format of TNR 10, space 1. Conclusion The conclusion is written to direct the reader to get important things that are not superficial and narrow. Conclusion written bold (bold) without heading. Citation writing is intra text with caged references (name, year, page). Example: (Rusli, 2014: 56). Writing References should use reference management applications such as Mendeley, End Note, Zotero, or others. The writing format used in Engineering journals is in accordance with APA 6thEdition (American Psychological Association) format. Rusli's book, Ris'an. 2014. Sufism and the Order. Jakarta: Raja Grafindo Persada. Library in the form of Bekker magazine / scientific journal, J. G., Craig, I. K., & Pistorius, P. C. 1999. Modeling and Simulation of Arc Furnace Process. ISIJ International, 39 (1), 23-32. Proceedings of Roeva Seminar, O. 2012. Real-World Applications of Genetic Algorithm. In International Conference on Chemical and Materials Engineering (pp. 25-30). Semarang, Indonesia: Department of Chemical Engineering, Diponegoro University. Dissertation / thesis / thesis Istadi, I. 2006. Development of A Hybrid Artificial Neural Network - Genetic Algorithm for Modeling and Optimization of Dielectric-Barrier Discharge Plasma Reactor. PhD Thesis. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. HandBook Hovmand, S. 1995. Fluidized Bed Drying. In Mujumdar, U.S. (Ed.) Handbook of Industrial Drying (pp.195-248). 2nd Ed. New York: Marcel Dekker. Article in Pitnov Newspaper, B. 2002. "School of Excellence or School of Excellence?" Majapahit Pos, p. 4 and 11. Ari, D., Jacob, & Razavieh, A. 1976. Introduction to Educational Research. Translation by Arief Furchan. 1982. Surabaya: National Business. Internet Kumaidi. 1998. "Preliminary Measurement of Learning and Development of the Test". El-Idare: ournal of Islamic Education Management. (Online), Volume 1, No. 1, (http://raden.fatah.ac.id, accessed June 15, 2015). Submission Articles / Manuscripts El-Idare Journal provides three alternative submission of the manuscript, which is as follows: 1) Manual. The manuscript is submitted on CD with softcopy (Ms. Word 2007) hardcopy. Sent to the Contact 2) Email address. Files in the form of Ms. Word (Doc / RTF) sent to elidare@radenfatah.ac.id 3. Open Journal System. How it can be viewed in Online Submisson

All submissions must meet the following requirements.

  • The paper should have not been published or considered for publication in the other journals or other media.
  • The format of the file is OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, RTF, or WordPerfect.
  • URLs for references should be provided.
  • The text uses 1 space, font 12, italic, no underline (except for URL). All the illustration, figures and tables should be put in the text, not at the end.
  • Texts which follow the right guidelines can be seen in Author’s Guidelines.
  • The instructions of acceptance for the peer-review can be seen in Check Anonym Reviewer.