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Mohd Yusop Sharifudin


The strength of a language is its ability to reveal all human behaviour and progress of civilization. Language should be ready for use at all times and in any human activity and must be able to grow together with all forms of discipline and knowledge. Languages that are not dynamic over time will become obsolete, archaic and finally extinct. Accordingly, the effort to develop and create a civilisation needs to take into account also the effort to expand its language as the medium of instruction. The most basic language development in this regard was to look for vocabulary that could potentially be taken to develope a dynamic language. This paper shows the potential and the wealth of lexical resources in building the Nusantara language to become a world language.

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REVIEWING LEXICOLOGY OF THE NUSANTARA LANGUAGE. JMIS [Internet]. 2018 Nov. 20 [cited 2024 Jul. 21];2(1):23-32. Available from:

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REVIEWING LEXICOLOGY OF THE NUSANTARA LANGUAGE. JMIS [Internet]. 2018 Nov. 20 [cited 2024 Jul. 21];2(1):23-32. Available from:


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