Exploring Teachers’ Purposes in Using First Language in EFL Classroom Activities: A Case Study at SMP N 4 Palembang

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Indah Putri Tri Utami


This study aimed to find out the the teachers’ purposes in using first language in EFL classroom activities at SMP N 4 Palembang. This study is needed to find out the use of the first language in English lessons. This study used a qualitative research. One of the qualitative research designs applied in this study was case study design. The participant of this study were two of the English teachers at SMP N 4 Palembang. The data were collected through interview. The results of this study showed that the use of own language in EFL classroom at SMP N 4 Palembang is very helpful by the teachers in learning process. In addition, using first language in classroom has many benefits such as to giving instruction, defining vocabulary item, checking students comprehension and etc. Besides that, first language is necessary to be used because the students understand more in teaching and learning process. Finally, the use of own language is should be used in EFL classroom especially in the emergency situation.

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