Speaking English Problems for High Schoolers: A Case Study at SMAN 21 Palembang

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Elsa Kurnia Lestari
Dewi Warna
Winny Agustia Riznanda


The study was aimed to find out problems encountered by students when they are speaking in English. Qualitative approach was employed by using a case study. The participant in this study was the eleventh-grade students chosen by applying homogeneous sampling technique. In this study, semi structured interview with open-ended questions was applied as the data collection technique. Thematic analysis was used to assess the data gathered from the interviews. This study revealed seven problems encountered by the eleventh-grade students in speaking: 1) Insufficient vocabulary; 2) Insufficient grammar mastery; 3) Insufficient pronunciation; 4) Inhibition; 5) Nothing to say; 6) Uneven participation; and 7) Mother tongue use.

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