Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan (Biology Education) with E-ISSN 2527-3760 and P-ISSN 2503-4561, is a journal used to publish research results in the field of Biology education. Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan highly welcomes the contribution of scientific articles from researchers and profesionals to be published and disseminated after going through the article script selection mechanism, sustainable partner studies, and editing processes. Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan published by the Biology Education Study Program at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training at Raden Fatah Islamic State University, Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia. Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan publishes every June and December.


Vol. 9 No. 2 (2023): Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan

Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan is a journal published by the Department of Biology Education, Faculty of Teaching and Education, Raden Fatah State Islamic University Palembang every June and December. Focus and scope of Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan regarding current issues regarding the development of biology education, practice and research in Biology Education covering the fields of teaching, learning, teaching methods, pedagogical techniques, curriculum development; program design, syllabus, learning materials, educational technology, and the development of education in Indonesia. Bioilmi: Jurnal Pendidikan is expected to become an instrument of scientific communication in terms of publication of research results in the field of biology education. Expanding the network of cooperation between researchers and practitioners in the field of biology education. and provide understanding to writers and readers about the development of biology learning.

Published: 30-12-2023

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