JUSIFO focus on the dissemination of scientific research in the field of Information System and Information Technology. We invite researchers, academics, practitioners to join us, submitting your original manuscripts. The journal's scope includes the following fields:

Information System:

  • IS Development and Management,
  • IS Quality and Satisfaction Analysis (IS Analysis),
  • IS Project Management,
  • E-Government, E-Commerce, E-Learning,  
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System,
  • Customer Relationship Management System,
  • Supply Chain Management System,
  • Geographic Information System (GIS),
  • Human-Computer Interaction,
  • Social Informatics,
  • Information Security and Risk Management,
  • Computer Network and Communication Strategy or Analysis,
  • Cryptography and its application,
  • Decision Support System,
  • Expert System,
  • Data Mining.

Information Technology:

  • IT Audit (IT Evaluation) and its Methodology,
  • IT Management and Control and its Methodology,
  • IT infrastructure and Strategy,
  • IT Risk Management.

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