Analysis of Eco-enzyme Quality Based on Differences in Plant Tissue

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Nadia Natasya Muhyiatul Fadilah Rahmadhani Fitri Siska Alicia Farma Martin Simwela


This research is focused on analyzing the quality of eco-enzymes based on differences in plant tissue on organic matter in the manufacture of eco-enzymes. The purpose of this study was to compare the quality of eco-enzymes made from pineapple peel (dominated by epidermal tissue) and pineapple flesh (dominated by parenchyma tissue). This research method is an experimental method with 3 repetitions. This research was conducted from June 3, 2021, to July 3, 2021. Pineapple peel and pineapple flesh each with a ratio of 3 parts (as organic matter) were mixed with 1 part molasses and 10 parts clean water, then fermented for 1 month. Samples of eco-enzymes from pineapple peel and pineapple flesh were analyzed to compare the research parameters in the form of color, organic conditions, the position of organic matter, aroma, presence of pitera mushrooms, and pH. The results showed that the eco-enzyme gave rise to different parameters but both had good quality. However, in this study the eco-enzyme that had better quality was the eco-enzyme derived from pineapple flesh (dominated by parenchyma tissue). So, it can be said that the eco-enzyme produced from tissue dominated by parenchyma tissue has better quality than that which is dominated by epidermal tissue.

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Natasya, N., Fadilah, M., Fitri, R., Farma, S., & Simwela, M. ( ). Analysis of Eco-enzyme Quality Based on Differences in Plant Tissue. Jurnal Biota, 9(1), 45-53.