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Vol 8 No 2 (2022): Jurnal Biota 2022

Published: 27-06-2022

Evaluation of Covid-19 Vaccines Side Effects among Staff and Students of Misurata University in Libya

Saad Aboualkasem, Salem Ebraiek, Mohamed Elwash, Fatma Altarhouni, Fatima Alzarrouk


Stemonitis pallida; Matchstick Myxomycetes from West Java, Indonesia

Rudy Hermawan, Mega Putri Amelya, Septyani Amini, Ivan Permana Putra


Optimization of PCR Protocols for ITS rDNA Amplification of Yeasts Isolated from Apis mellifera Honeycomb

Ayudya Fitri Arifa, Nirmala Fitria Firdhausi, Irul Hidayati, Yuanita Rachmawati, Moch. Irfan Hadi


River Monitoring: In View of the Physical Habitat of the River and the Presence of Macroinvertebrates

Susy Amizera, Elvira Destiansari, Didi Jaya Santri, Zainal Arifin, Nike Anggraini


Screening Phytochemical and Study Insilico of Family Zingiberaceae as Anti-inflammatory

Sonny Kristianto, Pramita Laksitarahmi Isrianto, Marmi Marmi, Dina Chamidah, Atta Ullah Khan


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