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Vol 7 No 2 (2021): Jurnal Biota 2021

Published: 18-01-2022

The Utilization of Juice Morinda citrifolia and Averrhoa bilimbi as a Latex Emulsifier Agent

Marlina Kamelia, Khairul Anam, Netriwati Netriwati, Rina Budi Satiyarti, Dwijowati Asih Saputri, Nurhaida Widiani


Xylaria sp.; The Candle Snuff Fungus from West Java

Rudy Hermawan, Yuyun Nisaul Khairillah


A Cream Formulation Of Extract Of Maja Leaves (Crescentia cujete) As An Antimicrobial Against Staphylococcus aureus

Siti Nurjanah, Yuli Wahyu Tri Mulyani, Laila Susanti, Samsuar Samsuar, Mashuri Yusuf, Meidaliyantisyah Meidaliyantisyah


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