Ta'dib: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is the journal published by Tarbiyah and Teaching Science Faculty of UIN Raden Fatah Palembang. It is a peer reviewed journal which was firstly published in 1995. The journal is openly accessed so that all gatherings are permitted to peruse, to download, to duplicate, to circulate, to print, or to interface a few or all pieces of articles with no charge and without earlier authorization from either writers or diary publication group. It is open for academicians and researchers who are keen on sharing their articles about Islamic instruction and education in Islamic context. Articles to be distributed in this journal should be as research based ones which have not been published in other different journals.
This journal is published each June and December and has been certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristek Dikti) of Republic of Indonesia in SINTA (Achieving SINTA 2) since May 10, 2019. The acknowledgment is written in Director Decree (SK No. 14/E/KPT/2019).

Vol 26 No 1 (2021): Ta'dib

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