Author Guidelines


The title should be concise and straight forward to describe the contents of the writing. May use creative titles and attract readers. Typed in all capital letters, center, Times New Roman Style, 12 font size and Bold.

Author name without title, institution name of author work / learn and correspondence address (email) active.

The abstract is in English, Times New Roman Style, 12 font size, 1 space. Abstract should be 200 – 300 words, includes: reasons for choosing the topic or the importance of the research topic, concise research method (type and research design, research subject, research instrument, data analysis method), research conclusion.

Keywords: 3 to 5 words or important phrases, specific, or representative. Words that are truly conceptual and not too general.


Preliminary explain about themline, purpose and benefits of research, study of theory and the ended by hypothesis (optional). Page setup for Tadrib Journal is 4 cm (Top), 4 cm (left), 3 cm (Buttom), 3 cm (Right) and A4 for paper size.

Research Method

It contains research types and designs, research variables, population and sample of research, data collection methods, data analysis methods (could be adapted according to the research approach used whether quantitative or qualitative).

Result And Discussion

The results and discussion should be fit according to the research approach. If using quantitative research approach will consist of descriptive statistics, assumption test results and hypothesis test results should be analyzed intelligently. If using qualitative approach will be in the form of the themes of the results of qualitative analysis conducted.


The conclusion is the answer of the purpose of the research. It is not the summary of the research results. Conclusions and suggestions should be clear and concisely based on results and discussion.


The literature listed in the References contains only the sources referenced or included in the article. Please use Reference Manager Applications like EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, etc. Referral sources should provide 80% of journal articles, proceedings, or research results from the last five years. Writing techniques bibliography, using the system cites APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association)