Trib is published electronically with E-ISSN 2549-6433 and its management uses the Open Journal System.


Fireplace and Change of Title Strahan.


Templates change and reference management use the References (Microsoft Word) application.


Instructions for Writing Tadrib after being evaluated through FGD Journal Team December 24-25 2018 experienced changes including templates for concept and research articles; The focus and scope of the journal are specific to Education and Learning. Publication Ethics has increased in Publisher items; The reference style changes to BodyNote (APA Style); Journal management structure plus Managing Editor; Start Vol. 4 No. 1 (June) 2018 using the Zotero application; template change; and layout changes.


In 2020, there was a change in Editor In Chief. The previous Editor In Chief was Dr. Alimron, M.Ag., starting in 2020 Editor In Chief Tadrib: Journal of Islamic Religious Education is Dr. Mardeli, M.A


Starting Volume 8 No. 2, Journal of Tadrib: Journal of Islamic Religious Education Published in Full English, Adding Articles from 8 Articles to 10 Articles. Furthermore, Sirahan Title Improvements were also carried out in the form of Adding Journal Links, and Digital Object Identifier (DOI).