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Published: 30-12-2023

Qom City as a Center for Shia Madzhab Education: History and Its Development

KM. Ridho El-Razy, Hasan Asari, KMS. Badaruddin, ST Zailia, Dina Fahira


The Role of the Curriculum in Achieving Educational Goals

Jumadil Ranto Mulia, Bermawi Nasution, Asmendri Asmendri, Milya Sari


Analysis of Career Development for Employees in Educational Institutions

Khairunnisa Khairunnisa, Achmad Wahyudin, Anis Zohriah


The Role of School Principal in the Development of the Curriculum for Independent Learning

Eny Setyawati, Siti Patimah, Subandi Subandi, Deden Makbulloh


Development of School Culture and Climate Based on the Independent Learning Curriculum

Dewi Ningsih, Siti Patimah, Subandi Subandi, Deden Makbulloh


Transformational Leadership of Madrasah Principals in the Implementation of the Independent Curriculum

Asri Yuni VikaSari, Anis Fauzi, Abdul Muin Bahaf, Agus Gunawan, Suherman Priatna